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What Is A Massage Cushion?

Massage cushions come in two forms.One type looks like a small pillow or cushion.The second type is one that you can fit on top of your chair, it usually has a seat and a back cushion (attached not separate).These devices try to mimic the finger and thumb pressure of a masseuse.

How Does A Massage Cushion Work?

Cushion massagers often use nodes or rollers, which look like balls, that rotate in a circular motion to resemble a shiatsu massage.Some of the cushion massagers also roll up and down to resemble more of a Swedish-style massage.Again, these massagers aim to relieve stress, relieve pain, and improve blood flow.

What Types Of Cushion Massagers Are There?

There are two different types of massage cushions out in the market
There are some for that looks like a pillow/cushion like this one here:

The other type goes on top of your chair, like this:

What Types Of Features Are Available?

These devices comes with different options and features.
1. Heat. Many of these devices come with a heat option.
2.Style Of Massage. Shiatsu, Swedish, kneading, rolling, vibration and percussion are among the most common massage styles for these devices.
3.Remote Control. The higher range devices will usually have a remote control that gives you the option to change the intensity and direction of the nodes.

How Often Should You Use It

Cushion massagers are fine to use daily.
In order to prevent bruising, it’s a good idea to limit sessions to 15 minutes.
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